Imagine the most perfectly delectable cake you’ve ever laid eyes on. As you inch closer to study its beauty, you notice it isn’t what it seems. While the treat sure is gorgeous, among its pretty pastel icing, this “cake” is quite artificial, and it boasts a viscous pair of…wait for it…fangs. It’s a subtle and incredibly original form of trickery by the artist, Scott Hove. And still, we want to go back for second helpings.

At a glance, Scott Hove’s Cakeland is a scene straight of Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette — total eye candy. His mind a sugary wonderland, Hove produces art installations that double as a Venus fly trap. Beautiful on the outside and quite dangerous to the touch.

Aside from garnishing non-edible cakes with ripe faux cherries and sweet orange slices, these creative confections of his also include frosting covered uzis, letting him live up to the self professed term in his Instagram bio of “cake slayer”.

“When you want to kiss what can kill you” is the cheeky caption used in one of his Instagram photos and perfectly sums up how his colorful installations can possess one’s thoughts and feelings.

Shiny disco balls and platform shoes he likes to dub #sparklefoot are among his masterpieces, all reinventing cake art with his delicious imagination. He was a hit at this year’s LA Art Show, where attendees walked through a curtain of glistening silver beads upon entering his scrumptiously deceitful world.

Hove has also been compared to the likes of Tim Burton and Willy Wonka, and it’s crystal clear why. Throughout his contradiction of beauty vs. fear,  there is still a stunning array of whimsy and magic.

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