Laura Hunter’s @ilovecrafty Instagram account reads the following bio: “jewelry designer, mum and professional daydreamer” — in other words…the perfect recipe for a Dreamers & Doers brand obsession! We would like to also point out that she is not only a mum…she’s a mum with PINK hair. So many bonus points already, and we haven’t even touched upon her talent and craft yet!

In Laura’s online shop, you’ll find her original handmade jewelry that she prides herself in designing, making and packaging with a whole lotta love. Our favorite kind.

Necklaces, rings and tote bags boasting dainty mermaids, pastel kitty ice pops, watermelons, unicorns and words that exclaim pure happiness (see “Yippee balloon necklace” here) will bring copious amounts of color and joy to your own life or the life of anyone you’d like to gift her glorious goodies to.

Laura’s imagination is interesting and light — just like a sweet dream you don’t want to wake up from. In 2009 she decided she wanted to work for herself and extensively use her creativity, so she started making bath bombs, scented soaps and candles to kickstart her dream.

When she moved to Bristol and opened her own shop, I Love Crafty, the adventure quickly evolved into a collaboration with similar local artists who also sold their work at the shop. After finally giving her very first jewelry collection a go, as Laura likes to say, she closed her quaint little shop and “never looked back”.

Inspired by music, films, people (some of those people happen to include fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and photographer Tim Walker), Laura’s work is a representation of all the giddy things that are contagious and spread good feelings. It’s this positive reflection that makes collaborating with artists like the delightful @PonyPeople, who we recently featured here, an absolute no-brainer.

Not only does Laura design her own jewelry (which is laser cut locally in Bristol), she designs the packaging as well, because she wants to provide the best shopping experience possible for anyone who purchases her accessories! To be a bit more specific – she wants the consumer to feel like it’s their birthday whenever they open up one of her boxes. Now we have an excuse to buy a cake (but do you ever REALLY need an excuse to buy one)?! 😉

Visit Laura’s eye candy shop right here!