This article is dedicated to the late creator Tina St. Claire, known to the tight-knit art world as the one and only TFail. On March 9th, 2016, Tina bravely passed away at home after being diagnosed with cancer on Christmas, but she leaves behind a legacy as solid as her imagination and the undeniable impact she projected onto the Los Angeles art scene.

A self-taught artist, Tina’s work is highly recognized and irrevocable by her skill at balancing the crafts of portraiture, abstraction, design and screen printing, always focusing on her recurring theme of female empowerment. Her ability to mix grace with edge was and still is apparent; whether the sketch is black and white or a mural containing the most vibrant of colors, Tina executed flawlessly. That final result will forever be impossible to glance away from — especially once you lock eyes with one of her strong, gorgeous subjects.

Her creative collaborator and fiancé, Dereck Seltzer, also known as Haunted Euth, now lovingly oversees all of her social media accounts to ensure that her art lives on eternally. Her final body of work, fittingly titled “Eternal”, was also shown at Hollywood’s Surf Club Gallery.  Over 20 never before seen pieces of art were displayed along with exclusive live screen printing of Tina’s art on shirts and tote bags. With opening night festivities and a closing reception, friends, fans and any passerby could bid farewell to this brilliant woman, ultimately celebrating her life.

At just 31 years old, Tina had already discovered the most powerful message of all, which was translated by Dereck on her Tumblr after her passing:

“Use the emotions that come from this as a source of inspiration and create something beautiful. Honor her life by doing as she had done, loving, creating and caring with an open heart — give 100% of yourself to all and everything that you believe in no matter what the consequences may be. It will be worth it, I promise.” 

Stay tuned for the upcoming documentary dedicated to Tina’s life and art!