Atlanta-based Tim Lampe loves to show off an alternate reality that is vibrant and iconic. By his own website’s admission, he creates things that tell stories and celebrate life. His work with clever brands with unique voices in the digital space (Mailchimp, CNN) blossomed into a gratifying blend of design, photography, and social thinking that allows his specific brand of digital creativity to tell stories joyfully and effectively.

Lampe’s work runs the spectrum from journalistic reality to dreamlike pop culture. From his photographic coverage of Hurricane Sandy (dubbed the most Instagrammed event in history in 2012 when 800,000 photos were shared with the #Sandy hashtag), to his brilliant, somewhat surreal #SummerOfIceCreamSandwiches project. In the Summer of 2014 Lampe took a commonplace item, the ice cream sandwich, and photographed it in a variety of unusual (if not compromising) scenarios. The project is an exercise that perfectly combines and articulates his affinity for design and photography.

The majority of his recent Instagram posts reflect his vibrant, creative side; where he is most often playing with his food—filling taco shells with colorful cereal, putting a turtleneck on a pineapple, etcetera. But browse his website and you will also discover proof of a very skilled designer and photojournalist.

His approach to photography comes with his ability to not overthink his own process. In turn, his art comes with a fun, quirky spin, continuing to stand out and gain him recognition. He once said he views his work as “an opportunity to put a positive attitude in someone’s day.” Through his colorful, charming aesthetic, we have voluntarily fallen victim to his intentions.