If you Google the definition of “eye candy”, you’ll find something along the lines of: visual images that are superficially attractive and entertaining but intellectually undemanding

We can help you out by summing that style up into two simple yet inviting words: Violet. Tinder. Any picture from this brand should really be displayed right alongside that definition as the utmost example.

The woman behind the sugar coated scenes is named Natasha, and in between creating rainbows made out of fruit loops and macarons, she’s styling, strategizing and producing content that speaks volumes of creativity and passion. Seriously — we’ve never wanted to eat a website so badly in our entire lives.

Not only did she build an online space that is a straight up bubbly wonderland of happiness, Natasha’s resume is beyond stacked. She’s worked with Hallmark, Method Home and Happy Socks (to name a few) to execute an appropriately entertaining visual story for each individual brand.

For example: an organized assortment of Barbie shoes — all different shades of pink — creates an ombre effect that is sweet and satisfying, especially when neatly displayed upon a clean, teal background. To be honest, those plastic Barbie shoes look just as delicious as the swirly lollipops and lavender rock candy she showcases. The effect Violet Tinder has on the eye has us drooling from the moment we click on every irresistible image.

The capabilities within this company’s imagination is immeasurable. From confetti sprinkled on slices of bread to perfectly round scoops of ice cream (and of course, the freshest flowers you ever did see), the contrast of such vibrant colors wills you to literally smell the products through your screen (all you have to do is close your eyes and dream a Violet Tinder dream)!

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