“If you look at my work and don’t get a cavity from how cute it is, I didn’t do my job.”

Well then, we better call the dentist! How can we NOT be smitten with a tagline so sincere as Faheema Chaudhury’s when she describes her six-year-old company, Unicorn Crafts? Inspired by the 1970s “Shrinky Dinks” era, she modernized the old school process by printing her own illustrations onto sheets, cutting each design by hand and baking them in the oven – just like she did as a little girl! These nostalgic masterpieces ultimately take final form as they cool off and will forever be whimsical, wearable wonders (as Faheema likes to call them).

Totoro, Princess Peach, pretty little unicorns and a smorgasbord of our favorite foods (pizza and cotton candy…YUM!) are incorporated into colorful earrings, necklaces, brooches, plushies and prints.

The adorable characteristics of everything she creates are without a doubt contagious. We dare you to have a bad day when you’re wearing a rainbow swirl lollipop necklace…right?! If you don’t live near any of the sweet little boutiques that sell her goodies, you can easily browse and purchase from her website! Bon Appétit!