Everyone loves field trips. Whether you’re a kid in school or an adult at work, a break from the grind can be quite refreshing and educational, if you visit the right place. For weeks, we’ve been wanting to take a trip to the Museum of Neon Art, or MONA, so when we finally had the opportunity to disconnect from our office life for an hour, the experience didn’t disappoint us one bit! MONA is the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to art in electric media, making it one of a kind!

Upon walking in, you are graced with the highest of ceilings in the gift shop, and there are larger than life installations and decorations on the wall, all centered around this contemporary electrifying art form. Founded in 1981 as a non-profit museum, MONA secures historic neon preservation and even teaches science through art with newfound learning programs. (Where can we sign up?!)

Venturing into the main room, surrounded by their powerful collection of signs of all shapes and sizes, we surveyed the messages and branding that served special purposes for different eras, and it felt curious and exciting to be in the presence of such old school stories. Those crazy lights definitely brought the heat, though! If you’re in there too long or get a little too close, you’ll find yourself breaking a minor sweat! 😉

Prior to carving a home for itself in Glendale, the museum had spent years illuminating the likes of Universal City Walk, Grand Hope Park and the Historic Core. Not only do these pieces mark sentimental times in history or reflect specific types of culture, they would look amazing in any room, anywhere! We definitely wished we could take one back to the office with us. It’s pretty clear that neon art ups the cool factor and is a unique genre of kinetic art all on its own. Since their exhibits rotate quite often, it’s safe to say we’ll be back!

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Photos by: @Lewla