What exactly are the masterpieces of Hoang Tran? We will gladly inform you and are prepared to brighten your day with his original art, which just so happens to be: an entertaining array of carved out crayons, perfectly poised among a pile of confetti like wax shavings (the latter simply for photo ops). He skillfully chips away at the tip of each and every crayon until specific characters are formed. And not just any characters. From South Park and Winnie the Pooh all the way to Willie Wonka and an Oompa Loompa, Star Wars, Totoro, Jack and Sally, and even The Simpsons, his meticulous work will make your jaw drop and leave you scratching your head — wondering exactly how each piece was done.

There’s no doubt that his craft must take a tremendous amount of patience. Every minute detail is carefully measured and executed flawlessly. Whether it’s the individual strands of hair on a puppy or the notorious bat logo on Batman’s chest, Tran nails it every single time. After receiving numerous questions about his art, he finally took to Instagram to share a bit of his process.

While many think he paints additional colors onto his creations, he actually uses melted wax from other crayons. Once it dries, he will then carve to completion. This authentic tactic makes him an absolute wizard, in our book. With over 72k followers on his Instagram account (which was launched only a little over a year ago), it would appear that many others would agree.

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