While Lemon Freckles sounds like a delicious type of cookie (obviously comprised of meringue and sprinkles) you’d nibble on with a spot of tea across the pond, this adorable little moniker belongs to a full-time maker, blogger and pug mum who actually answers to the name Toni Owers.

Her bright illustrations have been translated onto the most popular of mediums — like patches and pins — with the quirkiest of characters (hot dogs and milk cartons with smiley faces, to be exact)! Her imagination and overall aesthetic is inspired by all of the things that adults seem to forget once they graduate form starry-eyed children into serious-minded grownups. Toni is talented at implementing that certain sparkle back into humanity with her creative, magical, colorful, quirky, mermaidesque products.

Her Etsy shop, which showcases all of her handmade items, is just as much fun to peruse as her Instagram. However…on her Instagram, you can catch her two pugs, Doug and Lola, more often than not. Pug mugs aside, entering Toni’s world is like walking through a digital candy shop, with bursts of happiness dripping from each and every corner.

Perhaps it’s because she pulls inspiration from nostalgia — the bits and bobbles that brought so much joy to the innocence of what youth was like in the 80s and 90s — like comics or bubblegum ice cream, Polly Pockets and “Sailor Moon.” This is why Toni scouts outs toys hidden in the back of charity shops and looks to her old photo albums for funky fuel.

We should also probably mention that she’s a huge advocate for girl gangs and glitter. All the more reason to love this gal who is a self professed “dreamer and doodler” (sound familiar?). 🙂

Be sure to follow Lemon Freckles on Instagram and her blog for more uplifting goodies!