We thought @brightong would be absolutely SMASHING as our first Photo Friday of 2016. Brighton’s photography is majestic, vibrant, and powerful. His work portrays an ethereal universe accessible only through his perception and interpretation of the world around him.

From his stark and poetic use of contrasting blues and oranges, to his fascination with light sources—from bokeh to shadows to fireworks and sun flares—as a collective his pictures explore these elements with such integrity that they communicate with the viewer in a specific language, tone, and cadence.

Whether he’s looking into the depths of the ocean or the complexity of the night sky, whether his focus is bridges or landscapes or skylines or people, Brighton uses a limited yet vivid palette to tell a complete and compelling story.

His Instagram feed is a wash of city lights, colorful smoke, speeding tunnels, cloudy skies, starry nights, and occasional close-ups on the human eye. The overwhelming outcome, a beautiful juxtaposition of the grand scale of the cosmos and our movement through it, makes us want to dive through our screens, desperate to be part of his world.

May the coming year be filled with the kind of adventure and discovery Brighton’s photography elicits. Cheers to 2016 and to all of you dreamers and doers!