Bay Area illustrator MJ Lindo has not only proclaimed herself an artist “since the womb”, she’s proven it as well. Her female driven paintings convey her personal dreams, fantasies…and nightmares. Those wonderfully heady topics generate unique stories within everything she creates, planting raw and terrifyingly beautiful thoughts into the mind of anyone who views her work. The truth is, the story behind every piece is completely up to the observer’s imagination, and the wonders of her style have landed her features in prestigious magazines such as Hi-Fructose and Beautiful Bizarre.

The code for the subliminal messaging she places in her art can be cracked by simply studying the expressions on her subjects’ faces. Animals and motifs also play a large part in sparking emotion and a transparent type of feeling upon her wooden canvas. Using that wooden canvas really adds a strength and dimension not many can match.

Her signature trait is in the way she illustrates the hair — it adds an actual sense of movement and brings all of her paintings to life!

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