Summer has been here for ten whole days now! There’s an extra long holiday weekend ahead with nothing but bright skies and fireworks on the docket, so we decided that a mixtape was KIND OF mandatory. Don’t know about you, but we already have two pool parties planned. We’ll be swimming to the sounds of this breezy and carefree “Summer Holiday” track list until it’s time to turn in each night. I’m sure we’re not the first people to listen to Poolside while ACTUALLY being poolside, right?! 😛

While the overall vibe is perfectly chill for our favorite season, we threw in a few extra special song titles that are a nod to our beloved Fourth of July (Halsey’s “New Americana” and Lana’s “National Anthem”, anyone?!). Wild Nothing and Washed Out definitely call for some hazy naps in the sun, which we couldn’t be more stoked for. When you work hard, you deserve to play hard and rest hard every once in a while! Eat loads of watermelon, lather on sunscreen and swirl around those sparklers with your friends and family.

Listen up and let loose!