Skyler Wagoner takes pictures of many things: Indiana’s great outdoors, personal portraits of his friends, and numerous, heart exploding moments with his gorgeous, blue-eyed husky named Alpha. (We totally advise that you check up on #alphathemidwesthusky the next time you’re browsing Instagram.)

While sifting through and marveling at his digital catalog, which lives in the vast space that is Instagram, it’s hard to shake the nostalgic feeling that in his own way, he is re-creating the vibe of the cult classic film, “Stand by Me”.

I don’t think anyone who’s seen it has been able to look at railroad tracks (or pie) the same way ever since, and while I’m not too sure about the pie part, Skyler’s backdrop does involve its fair share of railroad tracks, scores of tall trees and friends who, you can tell, share a strong bond.

That “Stand By Me” storyline of four young boys trekking through forests and fields, getting nabbed by slugs in a swamp and dodging a train while in search of something quite morbid, unintentionally finding themselves along the way, debuted in 1986. Skyler’s pictures possess that same tale of adventure and self discovery 30 years later.

Skyler comes across as a kindhearted, creative guy just living his life, and plenty of people can relate to that personality and will continue to flock to his following. All of his beautifully crafted photos decorate his feed consistently, telling different stories each and every time. Images involving a glowing campsite with the caption, “I think everyone could use more nights like this” or two people jumping in a field under the starriest night sky could inspire anyone to get up and venture out to write their own unforgettable experiences.

One thing Skyler is adamant about sharing is his love for is the Instagram community and the support he has found from likeminded people there. We’re proud to be a part of his! Follow him @SkylerWagoner for much, much more.