Pony People is perhaps one of the sweetest, most lovable brands we’ve come across during our never ending search for independent artists who are changing the world with their bright, happy light. Inspired mostly by quirky cats (especially her very own), glittery Lush baths and lots of lavender and buttercups, the heart of Dutch illustrator Anne Knispel shines through in every patch, pin, tote, shirt and sticker sold in her shop.

While most products have a cheerful pastel color scheme, it’s the gloriously green “AVOCATDO” character she dreamt up that struck a chord with us and many other consumers — why do you think the “avocatdo” enamel pin and patch are COMPLETELY sold out?! Because the adorable face of a teeny tiny kitty (fully equipped with rosy cheeks) popping up out of a creamy avocado is way too cute to resist.

Anne’s signature flavor for meshing cats with avocados, mushrooms and pretty plants represents a perfectly magical image for her brand — even the website’s sidebar menu projects rainbows when hovering over each option! For five years now Anne has been charming people all over the world with her colorful cat-themed jewelry and apparel, and she’s definitely succeeded in her mission of making the world a brighter place with her art.

Follow the magic on Instagram: @PonyPeople!