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He’s been called “the Houdini of Instagram” for his whimsical, mind blowing photo edits that’ll make your jaw drop and set off a spell of mad goosebumps. A stunning elephant wandering peacefully through a golden field – its floppy ears transformed into bright butterfly wings – can have that effect on a person.

This photo magician’s name is Robert Jahns, but on Instagram he’s known as Nois7. Inspired by animals, nature and dreams, he whips up his visual trickery through a time consuming, undeniably fulfilling 2 hour editing process. This explains why he posts to Instagram only once a day (sometimes every other day).

There’s no such thing as “glancing” at a photo perfectly crafted by Jahns. One look and you’re suddenly transported to a fantasy land that will pleasantly haunt you forever and will only make you want to head back to his Instagram page for more.

His goal is to catch people’s attention in an instant through their eyes, since not everyone is a fan of reading long, drawn out captions. He’s said to usually have the final idea of the image already in mind once he begins, and his editing process is constantly evolving; he actually has stated that he’s more of an editor when it comes to photography and is always trying to improve and challenge himself with his work.

We were happy to hear that he loves collaborating with other artists; like us, Jahns believes collaboration is the best way to grow and befriend others in the community. As an Art Director, he admitted his entire life is an overflow of images, creative concepts and editing. He seeks inspiration through music, design and photo blogs, interviews with people he looks up to, and of course, Instagram.

 His father gifted him a digital camera at the age of 15, and he’s been curious to see what he could capture with his imagination ever since. He posted his first photo to Instagram on January 28th, 2012 and still captivates hundreds of thousands of followers all over the world at least every (other) day. Right now, we’re patiently waiting for his next picture to hit our Instagram feed. Obviously, we’ll show his masterpiece some love by giving it a “like”…once we allow ourselves to float back down to reality.