Mario and I feel unbelievably excited and honored to have such an amazing community. Now, as young adults, we finally know where our true passions lie. We love producing content and making people smile, but we also love to be creative!

We both studied art in college and have a strong appetite for it. Over the past couple of years, we were so focused on making awesome video content for our main channel, iHasCupquake, and building a supportive and loving community there, we didn’t have time to nurture our individual creativity. We devoted most of our time and energy to a number of different videos (Quake n Bake, DIY GG, speed art…the list goes on and on!) These videos were almost impossible to keep up with on a regular basis, considering we were producing two videos a day on just ONE channel (we have three channels total!)

Our artistic growth was placed on the back burner, and we got pulled into the “grind”. The YouTube grind is a REAL thing! It’s where you become so focused on producing content that it starts to feel like a very intense job. From the moment you wake to the moment you sleep, you are recording and editing. We were working so much that we even forgot to eat at times! We found ourselves slipping into very unhealthy patterns and decided something needed to change.

We knew it was time to cut our content in half. Yes – in half! That might sound crazy, and we were so scared our channel would suffer, but we actually doubled our views since then. In return, we gained HALF of our free time back! We began to think of YouTube as a sustainable source of income for our future. There was NO way we could raise a family with those work hours. (We are not expecting a baby anytime soon, but we still want to think ahead and make sure we approach this amazing opportunity wisely.) And so we planned.

Delegating work has been our biggest challenge. We are so passionate about the work we do with our videos, and that makes it hard trust the footage in someone else’s hands. Editing videos takes a LONG time. Since we had just cut our hours in half, it felt like we were both working a normal 9-5 job with no benefits, sick days or vacation time. If we weren’t present, the content would stop. That was when we decided to hire our family! We hired Mario’s two younger brothers, Danny and David, to help with editing and graphics, and my older brother Anthony (a.k.a Antoes) joined the team as a general manager.

We all adjusted to the new working schedule, and soon after, we finally felt comfortable and ready to seek additional help and expand our brand! We recently hired a really good friend of ours, Lauren (a.k.a Lewla). She is a very talented writer and fellow content creator who shares our values and voice. We are currently on the right track to earning a sustainable income while managing others, running a business, and having a healthy social life.

Since we’ve felt so out of touch with our creative sides, we constantly looked to other artists for inspiration. It really lights the fire under us to see SO many talented individuals in the world. We want to share this talent with you all as we develop our own skills but also form one incredibly creative community. Really pushing and encouraging others to follow their own aspirations is what we aim to accomplish.

This is where Dreamers & Doers was born (I guess you could call it our first baby :p). This company is a major passion of ours, where we drive each other to continue learning by broadening the other’s view. That is exactly what we want for our community as well! We hope you are all just as excited as we are. If not, we hope you were a little inspired by this post!

 -Tiffy & Mario