With the release of Tim Burton’s newest venture, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, comes an entire wave of fresh artwork dedicated to the classic story and film. We went to Los Angeles’ Hero Complex Gallery on the last day of the exhibit’s celebration of the new blockbuster. Catching the creativity all around us just in the nick of time, we totally felt like Alice — always prevailing her predicaments right before the clock runs out.

Naturally there were trippy pieces adorning the walls — it wouldn’t be a wonderland without big-eyed, vibrant characters and creatures. One in particular made us dizzy as we locked eyes with Lewis Carroll’s legendary heroine as if WE had been the ones to take a bite of her cookie or sipped from the ‘Drink Me’ potion.

Not all of the works were innocent and happy-go-lucky, though, which was refreshing and allowed our imaginations to wander down the rabbit hole (a.k.a minds of the artists). A viscous Cheshire Cat peered back at us with a vindictive grin, looking more like a wolf than a fluffy feline. Light pastels and softer tones also let Alice float freely in a teacup, drifting in a watercolor sea of her own tears.

Contrarily, the craft of pyrography revealed a dark and powerful medium within wood. Twisty trees, anime-like characteristics and colors that would radiate like a charm underneath a black light were only a handful of the variety jam packed into that tiny room, pushing each attendee to find their inner Mad Hatter or Alice Kingsleigh. We walked out of the Hero Complex Gallery feeling curiouser and curiouser that day, aching to go home and put a pencil and paintbrush to a canvas ourselves.

All photos by Mario Herrera — @redb15

Pieces shown in this article:

“Pawn to Queen” by Alice Meichi Li

“Best Friends Forever” by Ellia Hill (Greenbeanbaby)

“We’re All Mad Here” by Heather Theurer

“Not All There” by Jeany Ngo

“Welcome to the Other Side” by Joanna Mulder

“It’s Time for A Little Madness” by Sara Deck

“How Long Is Forever” by Alex Garant

“I Am Not Myself” by Caitlin Hackett

“We’re All Mad Here” by Faryn Hughes

For the full list of artists, visit: Hero Complex Gallery