The sun is about to set on 2015. What better way to set our intentions for the New Year than by sharing our own resolutions?! Spreading positivity and encouraging one another’s success is what we are all about. With the exciting arrival of a clean slate, prepare to work hard and stay inspired, but most of all…keep dreaming. In an effort to get the most out of 2016, here are seven benchmarks we hope to achieve in the coming year.

STAY ORGANIZED With any passion or profession, staying organized is KEY. Organization provides clarity, reduces stress, and leads to an extra solid outcome. Truly taking the time to stay on top of your responsibilities rather than rushing through projects will leave you feeling prouder and more accomplished than ever.

PLAN AHEAD A strong work ethic requires long days and late nights (but it’s all worth it). Planning ahead prevents any dreaded scramble from messing with your schedule. It also sets the tone for a project by leaving plenty of room for edits or last minute changes before the deadline. Trust us – that cushion is a LIFESAVER.

OWN AN IDEA BOOK Lists are our thing. Keep a notebook handy at all times to jot down your thoughts whenever that light bulb goes off in your head. As quickly as it can appear, it can also be forgotten. Keep your ideas close so you can follow through with them!

COLLABORATE One of the best ways to learn and grow is through the beauty of collaboration. Creating something special with another artist is extraordinarily fun, and at times, life changing. You pick up on each other’s process, brainstorm new techniques together and have the opportunity to tap into a dimension of your creative self that you never knew existed.

MAKE TIME FOR PERSONAL CREATIVITY The privilege to be creative and carefree at the same time is unlike anything else. Set aside a certain amount of time to simply play around and experiment with your craft or try a new craft when the pressure is off. Whether it’s every day before bedtime or sporadically throughout the week, when you are creating solely for yourself in a calm state of mind, magic can happen! And so can improvements.

WORK HARD (BUT NOT TOO HARD) Find a balance. While it’s EXTREMELY easy to get caught up in the hustle, your brain needs a break to decompress. If you don’t allow yourself additional outlets to find happiness and rejuvenation, the potential of a burnout is quite high. Get out of your physical and mental work space, explore, relax, and spend quality time with friends and family. Those activities will only add to your success when the time comes to get back to business.

DREAM BIGGER There’s a saying: “Have dreams so big, you get uncomfortable telling small minded people.”

We should always be challenging ourselves creatively and working towards something so huge and so amazing that it almost feels out of reach. Don’t ever be afraid to dream bigger and better. Especially in 2016.

Happy New Year to all of our Dreamers & Doers!!!