Viewing Matt Crump’s photography is equivalent to daydreaming, except you are conscious, you are wide awake and you are still very much present in your own reality—just transported momentarily to a dreamlike state.

Doubling as the curator of @candyminimal Matt’s vision of a minimal world dressed in softer pastel hues has earned him a place as one of TIME Magazine’s top 50 photographers on Instagram as well as much deserved attention from Huffington Post, ELLE, VSCO, and others.

As the VSCO write-up notes, “Matt came into his trademark style, almost by accident, as a way to differentiate his work from other minimalist photographers. “I changed the colors of my backgrounds (usually the sky) to anything but the actual color of the sky — that was the beginning of my style. Over time, I started crushing on a few colors I was using (aqua blue, hot pink, mint green, neon yellow and orange, light purple) and those became the basis for my current electric-pastel color palette which gives my work its recognizability.”

Matt’s precise vision, crafted with minimalistic framing and manipulation of color and saturation, inspires the viewer to see the world differently, stripping our preconceived notions of color—the color something is supposed to be—and replacing our expectations with a surreal and somewhat poetic stand-in.

Browsing his Instagram has us wishing we could buy a pair of glasses through which we could see the world as he sees it.