Joey Chou’s adorable Instagram name is just too good. Considering this is the guy responsible for illustrating the beautiful “It’s a Small World” picture book, it’s safe to say the handle @ChooChooJoey was destined to be paired with his lively aesthetic.

Usually a tribute to influential animations such as “Up” and “Frozen”, his art also once featured a mashup of characters from “Inside Out” and “Winnie the Pooh”, i.e Piglet and Fear. Bing Bong and Tigger. In other words: Timeless. Legendary. Epic.

We bought prints from him at DesignerCon, because we appreciate the nostalgic and cheerful qualities his artwork brings to the table; he also manages to add an incredible amount of depth to a two dimensional style. Having to drag ourselves away from his booth was a bummer, considering everything he creates is mesmerizing (and probably sprinkled with fairy dust).

Target wasted no time snagging him to design a charming holiday gift card, and once upon a time, he even “Chou-ified” Adele. All we know is, the world is a happier place with @ChooChooJoey in it.