A found image of a cup of coffee is turned into a cartoon oil rig with two hardhat-wearing oil-riggers observing the machine at work. Thanks to the innovative touch of Lucas Levitan, who through his “Photo Invasion Project” hunts down photos and artistically re-envisions them with his own creative spin—an added layer of illustration that sources the original photo as a backdrop for his imagination.

Novak Djokovic, one of the best tennis players in the world, had an emotional moment during a game that was captured on camera. Enter Levitan: Djokovic, mouth wide open, now appears to be catching a piece of animated popcorn mid-air. Who’s throwing the popcorn? An illustrated creature who is observing the tennis match from the sidelines.

What makes Levintan’s work so unique is the depth and comedy he adds to otherwise everyday, normal pictures. He sees something ordinary and gives it a twist, creating a world and a story where there was none before. This London-based Brazilian artist is always thinking outside the box with a collection of photo invasions that bring a smile to people’s faces. If you want more smiles in your life (there’s no such thing as too many) and if you want to be challenged to see the world differently, then you need to follow this guy. (We are not-so-secretly hoping he’ll use one of our personal Instagram pics for inspiration someday.)