A native of Portugal, Teresa C. Freitas is most inspired by the ocean and makes it a point to visit the beach AT LEAST once a week. The sea tends to make a cameo in her photos more often than not, effortlessly instilling a certain calmness that’s difficult to find elsewhere. Her second favorite place to work is in her bedroom, which she describes as comfortable. There’s no doubt the intimacy of her personal space is what allows her to experiment and thrive the most by far.

What really draws us to Teresa’s photos, though, is her imagination. She’s somehow able to mesh thoughts with daydreams, masterfully disciplining them to take form in her pictures. Although photography, design and illustration are her core interests, she also credits visiting new places (not physical places, but places inside of her creative mind) as a key contributor to her art.

Stars and dust frequent her images as well, which is what she attributes so honestly to her love for cosmos and anything and everything that NASA shares. She’s a big fan of the universe — as are we! Her talent for translating such personal, internal feelings into the external world is so rare and refreshing. We adore Teresa’s adventurous creativity and how she can maintain a unique simplicity to the feeling of every photo, all the while making us feel like we need to pinch ourselves to wake up from a very vivid dream.