We live in a fast paced generation where the Internet rules all and has made it very easy (although helpful) to cut corners with traditions…especially when it comes to the holidays. The convenience of online shopping has taken over, and e-greeting cards have become the norm. But. There are quite a few greeting card designers out there who still believe in the magic and personal feel of a tangible, hand written card for any occasion.

Behold: three of our favorite designers who are now offering awfully sweet collections for this holiday season!

JOLLY AWESOME: This London-based brand creates witty little illustrations influenced by British pop culture, funny looking animals and nostalgic 90s cartoons, to name a few. The look and messaging of these cards is so authentic and lovable, we totally recommend purchasing some holiday cheer from their online store!


WHALE & BIRD: Also based out of the UK, this greeting card publication makes some of THE most hilarious and adorably “rude” cards we’ve ever seen. They’re honestly so cute and irresistible, you’ll probably want to frame them and keep them on display each year!


RICHIE DESIGNS + LETTERPRESS: Richie works off of a vintage letterpress in her Long Beach studio. These cards are made out of cotton leftovers from the garment industry, which means her process is 100% tree free and leaves the cards with an amazing feel – like fabric! Her cards are wonderfully quirky, and this holiday season she collaborated with third graders. She wrote the messaging, and their wild imaginations took care of the illustrations!