There’s a somewhat popular phrase that says, “Stop Dreaming. Start Doing.”

In our eager, entrepreneurial minds, we believe in doing what we love at full force, however, we absolutely REFUSE to stop dreaming. While we understand the intention of this quote, and we respect it, we feel like it can be misconstrued or read in such a way that encourages one to stop the use of their creative ambitions—to halt their imagination. At the end of the day, we are all striving for similar outcomes: success, accomplishment, personal fulfillment, and above all else, HAPPINESS. All of which we hope to attain with a strong work ethic, of course. So. We’ve edited the saying a bit in order for it to fit our liking and our own beliefs:

“Start Doing. Keep Dreaming.”

We’ve been repeating it to each other pretty often around here, so we felt it was the perfect mentality to incorporate into our second hashtag project, and the perfect way to start the new year.

There’s a certain grace period meant for the birth of dreams and there is of course no set limit to the time allowed for your ideas to marinate, but that window of opportunity will close after so long. Action becomes mandatory. If you hesitate to breathe life into your dreams then they may become lost in the ether. We want to encourage you to be ambitious, to start doing—immediately—begin work on whatever is in your head and never stop feeding the creative process.

We would be over the moon if you shared with us pictures of yourself taking action on your dreams using this month’s hashtag. Tell us all about your idea(s) and how you plan to Start Doing and Keep Dreaming. We’ll meet right back here in one week to share our favorite photos!