A marketing manager from Atlanta has started a movement, and it’s called #happyhousedreams. If you choose to click on that splendid little hashtag (and you should), you’ll find your feed dripping with over 3,000 results. The creative culprits here are people sharing the exterior of some of the most quaint and pastel houses you’ve ever seen, and it’s all thanks to the hashtag’s maestro, Sophie Loghman. If you’re ever having a sad day (or even if you’re happy and want an extra boost of bubblegum), then you must visit her Instagram, @sophlog.

She recently broke 100k followers on Instagram, and there’s no question why. She somehow always has the scoop on the prettiest mural drenched walls and also seems to attend pool parties on pool parties consisting of flamingo, unicorn and pizza floaties (with confetti filled cups to boot)!  Oh, and the beautifully crafted donuts and cakes intertwined with the #happyhousedreams photos? Keep ’em coming, Sophie, keep ’em coming.

In an interview with Matt Crump, an equally astonishing photographer of pastels and eye candy, Sophie chalks her vision up to never having lost her childlike innocence and wonder, and she credits the good old ‘gram for inspiration when seeking those pleasant pops of color we’ve all become so addicted to.

This lovable girl has got a never-ending supply of talent and charm, and we can’t wait to see where she takes her brand next! Although, we do know it will be somewhere pretty AND pink! 😉