Joey Stupor is an up-and-coming artist who deserves tons of recognition for his happy style. We discovered him at DesignerCon and are so lucky to have spent some quality time at his booth! Mostly inspired by nature and the excitement of exploring new places, the sweet personality in all of Joey’s pieces is quite contagious. Crystals, animals, and cute creatures also have a hand in influencing his work – which is pretty apparent in the colorful images he brings to life, usually using wood cookies as his canvas.

Hailing from Newport Beach, CA, this 21-year-old has only been painting for five years (totally could have fooled us). His passion first sparked from doodling on his homework and painting on the street; that very special skill and dedication has only grown since. Joey said he views painting as an opportunity to better himself as a person and as an artist, and sharing that passion with others really drives him to keep up with his creativity day after day. He’s been painting on wood cookies for well over a year now and hasn’t been able to stop since he started, which is obviously great news for all of us! Ever since we found out about Joey’s art, we’ve been following his journey, and you can too through his website, Instagram, and Etsy!