Once upon a time, two of our favorite artists collaborated. Does it honestly get any better than murals mixing with music?! Didn’t think so. Greg Mike, whose art we featured in last week’s write up on the RFK Mural Festival, previously designed and painted deadmau5 themed helmets along with one of his signature murals leading up to 2014’s Ultra Music Festival. He was commissioned to promote Sea-Doo’s #SPARKSOMEFUN campaign, which was centered around their new water sports product called “the Spark”.

Larry Loudmouf is Greg Mike’s main character first and foremost (although every character of his is so full of life, lighthearted silliness and smiles). Loudmouf, though, is featured in Mike’s massive pieces from Atlanta to Los Angeles and beyond. In this case, the Wynwood section of Florida was graced with Mister Larry Loudmouf surfing circles around an animated, albeit Greg Mike-ified deadmau5 on a gigantic wall…which was only appropriate for two impactful artists to leave their mark on.

The overall vibe of what Mike envisions and executes is never anything short of cheerful. His special spark of goofiness that anyone at any age can pick up on in a simple glance is personality and color the world could use a lot more of these days.

In Atlanta, Mike owns and operates ABV, a creative agency and art gallery where the hopes and dreams of clients are transformed into striking visuals, products and experiences, living up to their motto of: Conceive. Believe. Achieve.

Powerful projects of ABV even include a hand painted billboard for TomorrowWorld. The music festival wanted a billboard that reflected the look and feel of their culture, so naturally, they reached out to Greg Mike and Co!

Mike also lent his talent to Atlanta’s very own Facebook offices, completing a custom mural in two weeks. The ability to brainstorm and get to the grind in the presence of such a unique wall crafted by an artist of his caliber is an understatement. We’re definitely a little jelly!

Watch the video below to catch this superb street artist in action, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook!