Canadian artist Qinni has amassed over 656k Instagram followers in a short amount of time, which is a true testament to her images, of course, but also to the power of her execution in taking a delicate imagination and turning it into something visible for others to connect with. She’s extremely humble as well, constantly reiterating how she is stunned that people continue to follow and appreciate her passionate work. Having gone to college for animation, she’s put in countless hours of time and experience mastering her original style and eventually, the trickiness of watercolor.

She asks for her audience’s opinion more often than not and converses with them in the comments, telling mesmerizing stories about her illustrations and what she has been up to that day (lately it’s been a bit of Pokemon). She is relatable, lovable and open, and those characteristics have allowed her to build a sincere rapport with those who interact with her on different platforms. Whether it’s her Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, she stays consistent with sharing her finished versions as well as the work in progress, and her talents are beyond appreciated.

Her art, though. Her art is inspired by Japanese manga, particularly ones that can make her cry. This includes “One Piece” and “Full Metal Alchemist”. Although she catches a bit of flack for posting pictures of seemingly sad characters, which she refuted recently by sharing a drawing of a smirking queen from 2015, smeared in a dark red, there’s always a contrast of undeniable beauty with any hint of melancholy she might convey.

Qinni is quite transparent with the public about her health — a bad heart valve has led her to undergo a complete open heart surgery…three times. She admitted that she is unable to cry around others, and so she draws young girls who cry instead. This is how she unleashes her own emotions surrounding the pain and confusion she has dealt with while healing. Her art is therapeutic not only for her, but for anyone who latches onto her story and unites with the world she has created.

Constellations, space girls, and stars make up the setting of many a Qinni masterpiece. The limitlessness of space is what draws her to that type of universe. The vastness of faraway galaxies makes her problems seem so small, and she likes it that way.

The real magic lies in her signature celebratory touch on a painting (e.g. hitting a milestone of 528k Instagram followers), which is none other than the fantasy of goldfish and stars existing together freely, without question. Qinni makes it happen effortlessly. Anyone with that type of charm possesses a heart and genius many should take note of and aspire to match.

Prepare to be fascinated by one of Qinni’s recent speed art paintings: