Garrett Cornelison states in his Instagram bio: “We are important, our lives are important, and our details are worthy of being recorded. Life on Earth is really kind of amazing.”

And so — the feed of @reallykindofamazing is just that: Really. Kind of. Amazing.

Everyone knows pictures don’t lie (unless you’re a pro at Photoshop, ha.) However, all of the adventures this photographer embarks upon while living his life so easily confirm that Cornelison is a tried-and-true California king.

Snorkeling about in the bluest of waters, boating with female friends off of Catalina Island and unlocking a secret garden in Palm Springs (WHAT was on the other side of that door?!), his images already catch his subjects in mid action or allude to a tale just waiting to begin.

What we love most is how Cornelison pokes fun at life and sees art in places where many wouldn’t:

“Life can either be dull and joyless or beautiful and hilarious –

and it mostly depends on whether or not you can see

the goofy sideways cartoon faces made by the towels on a deck.”

— Garrett Cornelison