Once a dreamer all about making music, Jonathan Hellberg turned himself into a doer by way of his strong passion and admirable work ethic. The Stockholm based Hellberg churns out tracks that make you feel nothing but happy inside. Several of his songs begin with the delicate, emotional sound of piano keys, including his latest release, “Synchronize”, which also features the powerful vocals of Aaron Richards.

Then of course, there’s “Slumber Party”, which NEEDS to be the anthem for an EDM festival. Think: girls dancing around in colorful tutus and flower crowns, tossing confetti into the air like magic, showcasing the most elated of smiles.

The most monumental moment in Hellberg’s career thus far came from his single, “The Girl” feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff, off of his This Is Me EP, which swiftly rose to become Monstercat’s most streamed track of 2015 and racked up over 12 MILLION plays. This hard earned success was a huge milestone for Hellberg as an artist and is proof that sacrifice and dedication to your craft will conquer all.

Hellberg has a real talent for taking his own love for music and transferring it into the hearts of whoever has a chance to listen, prompting him to receive messages from fans who are so thankful for his story and for his music.
We couldn’t end this piece without quoting Hellberg from a recent post on his Facebook page when he announced the drop of his Chainsmokers, Galantis, and Dzeko & Torres remixes. He stated, “Free music is like free tacos. It’s awesome.” Yes. Music and tacos in the same sentence. We really like this guy.

Keep reading to find out Hellberg’s heartfelt words of wisdom and his future aspirations, which he’ll continue to challenge himself on as he grows and evolves, constantly inspiring people around the world. He is a true dreamer and doer.

[We asked Hellberg to fill in the blanks.]  My name is Hellberg. I am a music producer & an artist. I am 30% dreamer and 70% doer. I would describe myself as driven, and I am most inspired by music.  I dream of having a number one album, and I will do that by working.

Dreamers & Doers: When did you realize creating music was your true calling?

Jon: I’ve always been really into music ever since I was very little, so that kind of came naturally I suppose. I started making music when I was like 13/14 and decided about a year later that I wanted to study music production in high school. I was already very determined at that age to make something of myself.

DD: Putting music out in the open for others to hear can be a bit intimidating. How do you overcome this fear that several artists deal with?

J: It kind of came very natural for me because when I started out I quickly got into making hip hop beats and at that time producers had started to present their productions on YouTube, using it as a marketing platform. There was this hip hop/rap community on YouTube back then that was starting to get very popular, and for producers to become popular in the scene you obviously had to present your material. My thought process was like: “well, I’ll either put myself out there, or no one will have a clue of who I am and won’t work with me”.

DD: If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice about music, what would it be?

J: Study music theory at an earlier age. I made a lot of shitty music back then just because I didn’t have a clue about keys, chords or melody.

DD: What has been your favorite city to perform in so far? Any other cities you can’t wait  to tour through someday?

J: Definitely Miami, which was just a week ago or so. Crazy city, in a good way. I wanna tour everywhere really, I would love to visit all kinds of different places and cultures. Doing a tour through the U.S. is definitely on top of the tour goals list though.

DD: What do you like most about collaborating with other artists?

J: The energy and creative flow that can sometimes occur when working with someone in the studio is amazing, when you both just throw down out these incredible ideas all into one project and everything just comes together so organically and fast. It’s amazing when you find that sweet spot.

DD: Describe your typical day at work. What’s your schedule and creative process like?

J: It differs a lot. It used to be really strict when I had a studio 30 minutes from my apartment, but when I moved back to my home setup a couple of months ago it changed a bit. It’s definitely harder to focus and be as productive in a home environment for me personally. But I try to work as much as possible every day, work ethic is something that I find extremely important.

DD: What is your favorite tool or piece of equipment to create music with?

J: Piano and my computer

DD: Are there any specific artists who influence the style of your music?

J: A ton!! I’m super inspired by music in general, whether it’s EDM, Pop, RnB or Country. I use Spotify a lot to find new and exciting music.

DD: What are some of your future goals and aspirations for your career?

J: Being able to work with people whose music I love, being able to tour the world with my music in front of thousands of people and being able to work with any company or brand that I want to work with and do amazing collaborations with those companies.

DD: If you weren’t making music for a living, what else would you be doing?

J: I would be doing something in gaming or in graphics design, both I have a passion for!

Listen to Hellberg’s latest tracks below, and follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!