The glorious day dedicated to celebrating amazing moms everywhere is upon us! Flowers have always been a must during this extra special holiday, so why not do things a little different this year?! Here are five innovative ways to  incorporate flowers into your Mother’s Day festivities. We know you’ll make her smile extra hard with these surprises, should you choose to take action on our tips…and let’s be real — it’s the least we could do! <3


Take a nod from Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and create these brilliant, fantastic flower seed bombs. (This is SUCH an original idea, btw!) Rather than spending money on a bouquet of flowers, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Give her something that was made with love and the intention of watching this gift bloom beautifully in the future.


The girls at LEAF are pros at anything living, eating and fashion. Lucky for us, flowers fall into their lovely aesthetic, and we are in awe of the entire floral playlist on their YouTube channel. How gorgeous is this ombre rose arrangement? Thanks to their tutorial, you can perfect your very own by upping the classic Mother’s Day rose bouquet to that next level!


PolkaDotTat’s video on how to set up a stunning milk bath with fresh flowers is not only unique — it’s the PERFECT recipe for a Mother’s Day present. Holding a photo shoot for a mother or mommy-to-be in a feminine milk bath brimming with flowers is also unbelievably special! Those photos would be cherished by the family forever and also make a meaningful memory, ensuring this Mother’s Day would not be forgotten…and she would have the best time relaxing in such a luxurious setting!


Flower queen Jess Kovic of Sugar Bunch floral design whipped up confetti made out of the freshest flowers! Genius! If you are holding a Mother’s Day brunch, these would look so pretty sprinkled across the table (not to mention they would smell just as sweet).


While flower crowns are generally thought of as festival attire, we love the idea of making a gorgeous crown for a mama to wear throughout her special day. She deserves to be honored and feel like the queen that she is! Cristina Viseu’s DIY for a flower crown is absolutely EXQUISITE!

Have a fabulous Mother’s Day!!!!

(Photo by Albert Iskander — @broreview)