With a brand new month about to go down, we want to take a suggestion from one of our readers for February’s hashtag project. This month’s topic will revolve around the thrill and the beauty of:


Having an adventurous soul is ridiculously liberating. Adventures create memories, tell stories, and form bonds with the people with whom you experience them. Sometimes you might find yourself on an adventure all alone, and that’s OK too. Taking risks by believing in yourself and knowing that no matter the outcome, you will be alright, is definitely one stellar way to live a fulfilling and inspired life.

There are so many different kinds of adventures that range in scope from little road trips to traveling across the world, or even making a very important life decision on a whim—feeling incredibly nervous yet so sure about it at the same time—THAT is an adventure.

Long story short: it’s fun to fly by the seat of your pants. We want to see how YOU adventure! Use #WeDoAdventure in your photos, and we will share the ones that make us want to follow in your footsteps.