The brand Everyday is a Holiday is quite the pleasant tease — a complete overload of inedible deliciousness: a New York-sized slice of pizza, a stack of pancakes fit for a giant, and macarons, cupcakes and donuts so delectable, you’ll be devastated once you realize you can’t actually experience the irresistible flavors you’ve already dreamt up in your head — but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate Everyday is a Holiday’s confections all the same. To be honest, these wood diecut creations may rock even harder than true treats, because it’s eye candy that can last a lifetime and beyond. Take that, Dairy Queen.

Jersey Shore superstar artists (superstartists?!) Jenny Holiday and her husband, Aaron Nieradka, have been, as they like to call it, “living the artful live” together for two grand decades, finding themselves featured in magazines such as “Country Living”, “The New York Times Magazine” and “Romantic Homes” along the way. They also are the mind and heart behind “Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake” stationary. We can’t think of anyone more appropriate to head up that initiative! If you’re one of the almost 5k people who follow their Facebook page (if not, you certainly would not regret clicking that “like” button), you’d know how they consistently keep their customers in the loop with the cutest photos and updates regarding the products that they have made with such heart and personality.

Jenny and Aaron got their start by specializing in antique furniture restoration, hand painted furniture, home decor, murals and even launched their very own retail shop. You might also spot their established goodies at Paper Source, Michaels and Barnes and Noble — so be on the lookout! Those colorful, lifelike pieces are so hard to miss. Who’s up for a vaca to the Jersey Shore?! Because we’re in the mood for some pancakes.