Elise Strachan, a woman with the love of all things delicious, has created a pretty sweet community (and business) by sharing her addiction to cupcakes with the world.

It started with a dream of opening a cupcake shop. When that idea seemed doubtful, she turned to YouTube and shared her first creation to viewers on the platform… a Cookie Monster cupcake! This easy and super cute tutorial was just the beginning of her tasty YouTube career known as My Cupcake Addiction. She continued sharing her creative confections, covering a vast range of baked goods and pastries. From all things rainbow to cartoon characters, Elise creates edible art and shows us how it is done!
Through her love of baking and sharing, Elise created her own sugar-coated production. Working with her #1 sweetie by her side, she and her husband Alec produce YouTube videos together, featuring Elise and sometimes their sons. How sweet is that life?!
 MCA-Image4Elise and her family are able to live a life typically whipped up in the fantasy of fairy tales. And like the best cakes, she started from scratch. Which makes her a Dreamer and Doer in our book. You can follow Elise’s creations here! https://www.youtube.com/user/MyCupcakeaddiction