Known as Dulk, Antonio Segura Donat has mastered a style that is imaginative, surreal, vibrant, and enchanted. His work is stacked with such colorful depth that it translates from walls, to print, to illustration, and sculpture. The scenes he creates and the characters—mostly animals—that inhabit them are weighted with vivid emotions that give them an animated quality.

Sometimes with expressive eyes, sometimes with hollows (or bandages) where eyes (and hearts) should be, the characters in his work run the gamut of the emotional spectrum, evoking the same from the viewer. His work is inviting, yet it also triggers intrigue and contemplation. In his own words, he says his characters “always have a warm aspect to them and are nice to look at but they’re also ludicrous and bizarre.”


When humans appear in his work they are poetically dwarfed—and seemingly unaffected—by their surroundings. There’s often a feeling in his art that things are being fused together or neatly dissected and yet constantly in motion. The fantasy that carries through all of Dulk’s work draws a beautiful parallel between animals and nature, sometimes giving animals tree-like skin, or giving trees animal-like shapes—depending on how you perceive them.

Whether you are browsing his work online or experiencing his work firsthand it is impossible not to feel something—whether you smile at some adorable fraction of one of his paintings or if you are inspired by the big-picture symbolism he has captured in the breadth of his work. Dulk’s imagination and his technique, as it unfolds in each of his musings, manages to be whimsical and dreamlike yet profound and reflective.