The holidays commence in just ONE week! In case any of you are at a loss for finding gifts with a personal touch and are cool with choosing the rush delivery option, we’ve gathered a few special items from our favorite independent shops to help you out. Believe us when we tell you they’re crafted with a whole lot of love, which is the most important feeling during the holidays, after all!

1. Tassel Garland: Run by a vibrant woman who calls herself the “tassel fairy”, Studio Mucci is known for handmade tassel garlands. The color scheme options are endless and have fun names like “Garden Party” and “Sherbert Love”. Anyone who receives such a whimsical present will be at a loss for words and ready to hang it right up. (PS – when wind and sunlight hit these tassel garlands, it looks and feels a lot like magic!)

2. Ornaments:  ‘Tis the season for creating new traditions and honoring old ones. Helping someone add to a special ornament collection is always meaningful and something to have fun with, because not all ornaments need to be fancy and fragile. Some of our favorites are by House of Darkly and Flat Bonnie. They’re so adorable and fun; it’s like little cartoon characters are accessorizing the tree!

3. Dreamcatcher: What’s sweeter than giving the gift of good dreams? Indica Design and Close to the Cosmos are two brands that create unique and handmade dreamcatchers. They’re thoughtful for someone who’s ready to add something special to an important and cozy space.

4. Keychain: This necessity is used every single day, which makes it an incredible gift. These keychains by BC Print Shop rule, because they’re personalized! Anything from initials to a favorite quote, an inside joke or even lyrics will make these fringe keychains perfect for your giftee!

5. Svensk Candles: Candles are an amazing gift during any season, but nothing beats candles around the holidays (they also help with the post-holiday blues)! Candles by Svensk are all hand poured with soy wax, and glorious essential oils are thrown in for a clean, natural scent. Anything that promotes quiet time and relaxation is a winner in our book!

6. Hi Tree: We’ve been in love with these handmade goodies for a while now, because literally any age can enjoy them. Kids cuddle with them as pillow toys, and adults can use them as sweet little decorations. Every single one is different, which makes them one-of-a-kind and totally irreplaceable. Visit Hi Tree to browse more options!

7. Tea Drops: Tea lovers everywhere would appreciate this easy new way to indulge in one of their favorite beverages by My Tea Drop. Tea drops come in cute shapes like stars, hearts and flowers, and rather than using a messy tea bag, all that needs to be added is a cup of hot water. Boom!

8. Mallow Mallow: Who doesn’t love s’mores? They bring back childhood memories and are crazy fun to make. Mallow Mallow makes tons of different flavors, and all of the ingredients are perfectly packed into a box! Once again, this gift is perfect for any age and something anyone would enjoy making and then devouring with friends and family.