Road trips (especially in the summertime) are one of the best ways to disconnect from the monotony of pounding the pavement and working until you’re totally fried. Brief getaways are actually crucial to coming up with fresh ideas and getting new takes on areas that might have turned into challenges or roadblocks. We’ve gone on many different trips together and couldn’t urge other dreamers and doers to do the same! Some of the best ideas happen when you remove yourself from the normalcy of your everyday life and insert a refreshing adventure into your bank of precious memories.

As a team (before we even were a team), we traveled to Pismo Beach to see Above & Beyond in an intimate concert and had a mind blowing experience afterwards just bouncing ideas off of each other, which breathed new life into Dreamers & Doers! It was a magical moment. Sometimes when you’re in the right place with the right people, the stars align and what’s meant to be naturally comes to fruition.

No matter where you live, there’s always room for a minor vacation, which alludes to another successful tactic for regrouping minus the road tripping: Staycations.

Staycations are just as productive, especially if you live in a city and wish to get out of the hustle bustle. Find a quiet, different part of town that you aren’t used to, and immerse yourself in exploring and relaxing. If you’re anything like us, where you are used to constantly being on the go and working on projects 24/7, it may take a few hours for your mind to adjust to the slower pace. However, once you hit your zen mode, it’s bliss!

Now, get out there — relax and recharge ’til your hearts’ content! When you return to your regular routine, whatever that may be, you will be full of new ideas and ready to ramp up once again.

What are some other ways you like to let loose and catch a breather?

Here are a few fun pictures from that unforgettable trip to Pismo Beach! <3