To an observer, the sultry, bohemian females in Charmaine Olivia’s vibrant paintings are a reflection of the artist herself more often than not. Once rainbow haired, currently covered in tattoos and sometimes doused in gold glitter, Charmaine isn’t just an innovator who makes something out of nothing. She inspires, compelling fans of her work to leave comments on her Instagram feed to the effect of, “Your art is stunning. I aspire to be like you. Thank you.” 

Charmaine and her studio in Carlsbad, CA have quite a few characteristics in common: they are both known to ooze “beauty, creation and above all else…happiness” (as stated in We Are Famous’ recent article).

While a blank canvas can be intimidating for any artist, Charmaine welcomes challenges and faces them head on, tackling the pesky struggle every time. Why? Because she believes that life’s hardships allow a person to learn and grow by losing and then finding a newer version of themselves.

Zoning out is her artistic Zen. She is a firm believer that when negativity and self-doubt melt away, she can allow herself to be swept up in the present before stepping back, elegantly coming down from a visionary whirlwind to reflect on her latest and greatest masterpiece.  

Although Charmaine has mastered the mandatory task of harnessing an admirable discipline, she favors a process of “just letting it happen” rather than overthinking her creative technique. This must be why she’s found peace by simply going with the flow of life and trusting that the universe won’t throw anything her way that she can’t handle. With a clientele involving the likes of Lady Gaga and an attitude that is always hungry to continue learning and improving, we’ve got plenty of faith in Charmaine Olivia too.

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