Cat lovers and art enthusiasts unite! What if we told you there was an art show that just took place in LA, solely based upon CATS? And no, not the musical.

Would you believe us? It just sounds too good to be true. This real life four day art party was thrown by Think Tank Gallery, a collective that once used to house smaller get togethers for LA Art Walk and now holds larger events with massive influence and grand inspiration.

This is actually round number two for Cat Art Show LA The first exhibit in 2014 rocked so hard (obviously), they brought it back for a sequel. Other recent art installations at Think Tank involved none other than Scott Hove’s ‘Break Bread’. (See the post we wrote up about Hove’s “Cakeland” here!)

Norman Reedus, Kat Von D, Tokidoki and Brandon Boyd were among the list of 70 killer and globally recognized artists who all share artistic talent and true love for felines. Each contributor was asked what the cat (i.e. household companion, furry baby, internet meme, etc.) means to them, and they interpreted their answer honestly and creatively through art. The visions brought to life ranged from contemporary to street, oil paintings and mosaics. A portion of all proceeds from the art for sale was donated to Kitten Rescue, which makes the whole show that much sweeter.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a third!

Fridakatlobrow — Britt Ehringer

Gita and Patrick, 2015 — James Seward

Problem Cat, In Honor of Urs Ficscher #2, 2013 — Lyn Winter

The Cat Captains of Star Trek, 2016 — Jenny Parks

With God Now, 2016 — Ravi Zupa