With his photography @BrandonWoelfel does not simply capture a moment so much as he stops time. He orchestrates a situation in front of his lens, and then from behind the camera he skillfully hunts for the tiniest instance to occur between measurable seconds. That’s where his work lives—frozen in tiny, nearly invisible points in time. His candid shots almost redefine the word candid, his portraits feel intimate, and ultimately—dare we say it, as clichè as it sounds—his work defies gravity.

With a revolving thematic palette of pillow fights, sparklers, bubbles, and Ferris wheels, Brandon’s photos highlight a specific, blissful feeling of youth. Each of his pictures celebrates friendship (almost creating one between the subject and the viewer) and radiates a carefree tone that makes us want to drop all of our worries and immerse ourselves in the small moments that matter.

As a whole, Brandon’s work propels his subjects and thus the viewer into a heightened moment of excitement, creating and preserving a magical dreamlike state.