Hailing all the way from Istanbul, Turkey, Bicem Sinik is one tattoo artist we are completely enamored with. We happened to stumble upon her work one day while scoping out tattoo designs, and we’re so happy we did. 
 bicem_constellation  bicem_minerals

Her minimal, monochromatic style is undeniably captivating. Browsing through her work you start to wonder how she does so much with so little. Her illustrative designs are exceptionally intricate and clean. Relying heavily on lines and dots, she manages to add complexity to such a simplistic style. Her work highlights various forms of nature and experiments with geometric shapes. With her meticulous touch she forms a classic, iconic look in each of her tattoos.

Bicem only tattoos her own designs and she commits to never doing the same tattoo twice. She graduated as a graphic designer and worked as Art Director at several advertisement agencies before becoming a tattoo artist. She told BoredPanda, “If I had told my family that I wanted to be a tattoo artist years ago, I am sure that they would have been against it. But now they support me and even show-off my drawings to their friends.”

   bicem_rose_2  bicem_sinik_bracelet

One of our personal favorites is a crescent moon dripping in geometric shapes—they resemble jewels dangling from a delicate chandelier. Beautiful constellations, planets, and even animals consistently make their way into her ever-growing catalog. We are honestly tempted to book a flight to Istanbul, solely to experience her expertise firsthand, but until then, we will continue to appreciate her imagination and artistic talent by way of the Internet.