The five girls above have been close friends for quite some time. In the early hours of 2016, they made a pact to always dream up the most epic of ideas and turn them into powerhouse productions — united, as a group.

Tiffy, Tatevik, Lewla, Mitty and Jess all bring their own unique values to this creative bunch, and together, they are unstoppable.

From floral design to DIYs and makeup tutorials, collaborative musical playlists and playful videos…..this journey will also contain transcendent photos, leaving their supporters (who they refer to as their “cadets”) in awe and feeling all sorts of inspired.

There is PLENTY more to be experienced through their eyes…so you’ll just have to wait and see what they unveil next!

We’ll leave you with Tiffy’s video, which introduces Cosmic Confetti in the most exquisite of ways:

In the meantime…visit the Cosmic Confetti website, which has already begun the beautiful breakdown of the efforts and events that have contributed to this first photo shoot. The next one is coming very, very soon!

“A cosmic dream was once ignited

with the confidence that unfamiliar ideas would blossom

where we celebrate the beauty of individuality

and our passions shape a luminous future. 

A colorful journey now awaits…

where we aim to spark creativity

and empower hearts amongst the stars.”