You’ve seen this #PeaceForParis picture flying around all forms of social media, having gone viral almost instantly due to its magnificent and powerful message. Today, one week after the heartbreaking attacks in Paris, we want to highlight the French artist behind the symbol that has comforted the world and shown respect to a beautiful city in the throes of grief.

This artist’s name is Jean Jullien, and he was far from Paris when news of the tragedy began to circulate. After confirming that his family and friends were safe and sound, he quickly put this sketch together. Jullien claimed it was the first thing that came to mind once his ink brush hit the paper and also described this piece of work as an instinctive, human reaction rather than an illustrator’s reaction.

The silhouette of the iconic Eiffel Tower tightly enclosed within a peace sign is quite simple yet unbelievably genius and impactful. This is also a perfect example of shareable art allowing the world to unite; Jullien’s art promotes hope and positivity, and in return, people band together ready to fight for the greater good.

“I think people have an instinctive sense of how to use these forms of communication. In cases like this, the things that need to spread, spread. And this seems to have been a very positive use of this form of hyper-communication,” he stated.

We’re so thankful Jullien shared this meaningful tribute with all of humanity. He succeeded with his main intention of spreading unconditional peace and love. Jullien said this image belongs to everyone, and he does not wish to receive any type of recognition or fame for his creation.

“I reacted graphically, just drawing something spontaneously with pen and paper and then sharing it as a raw reaction. With so much violence and tragedy – we just want a bit of peace.”

Jean Jullien is a London-based graphic designer and has previously been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine. Aside from graphic design and illustrations, he is also well versed in photography, video, costumes, books, posters and clothing (a legitimate Jack of all trades)!