I’ve sauntered through the Fairfax District in Los Angeles too many times to count. I used to live right around the corner, just past the intersection of Melrose and Fairfax, and to this day, it’s still one of my favorite places to take pictures of the ever changing street art while grabbing the breakfast burrito of all breakfast burritos at Cofax Coffee. Each and every time, a skateboarder will whiz past, almost crashing right into me. I’m usually left in the dust totally wowed by not only his skills, but by his chilled out getup as well.

Enter the clothing brand RIPNDIP. That catchy name was born while founder Ryan O’Conner was working at a skateboard camp one summer, defining the bane of skaters’ everyday existence in just seven letters. Skating at a spot means to “rip”, and hightailing it out of there once the cops show up is to “dip” — of course, this phrase jived with skaters everywhere quickly and stuck. Hard.

Los Angeles’ Known Gallery was lucky to host RIPNDIP’s bright blue pop-up retail shop, allowing the brand to bring its unapologetic in your face energy to the Fairfax ‘hood from March until April. RIPNDIP debuted their Spring 2016 line along with shiny art installations that reflect the brand’s fun loving, rebellious attitude.

Even though we were sad to see RIPNDIP migrate to New York, the RIPNDIP crew luckily left its trace all over Los Angeles with wheat pastes of their signature cat plastered up from Hollywood to Silverlake. I was able to stop into the shop twice — once while they were giving free tattoos of that same unmistakable cat everyone is so obsessed with (maybe because it loves to flip people off)!

On their website,  the cat morphing into a pink RIPNDIP logo immediately catches your eye, making you want to browse through and own practically everything RIPNDIP has to offer: backpacks, snapbacks, socks, shirts, air fresheners, stickers, pins, pillows, bags, pullovers, plushies….the list goes on and on.

“Too weird to live too rare to die” is the simple yet appropriate description in their Facebook “About” section, and with a human parading around the store in a full blown alien costume, one thing is clear: RIPNDIP isn’t just a fad; it’s a movement. Just ask all of the people waiting outside in the crazy long line to get in.

All photos by John-Austin Gilchrist — @jonjonjin

Follow RIPNDIP’s travels on their Instagram: @RIPNDIP!