(Here’s a special message comprised of glorious song titles from our VERY FIRST playlist! Can you figure out where the song titles are hiding?!)

As dreamers, all we ever need is a reason for a revolution.  Creating is beyond fun and inspiring, although it’s totally normal at times to crawl into your sad machine, act like a cry baby and throw yourself a pity party when your imagination isn’t translating the way you’d hoped.

But sooner or later, the doer in us will bury it and rise above, especially when you’re as lionhearted as the rest of us sun models. In the end, your inner sunlight will glow through, proving that we’re all we need, and a simple smile and heartsigh is always bigger than love.

Take your dreams and make them gold to ensure those tough times shine like diamonds in the end. We should constantly aim to learn, improve and evolve our craft every chance we get. After all, we don’t stop! That clearest blue shines from within, and it all feels right. Thanks to the sun & moon, the stars will align, allowing every artist to bloom accordingly. Sometimes it’s early on, and sometimes it’s always this late.

With lights in our hearts burning like a firestone, we light up the world. So trust in the atmosphere, and believe in the divinity of passion and drive.

Dream on little dreamer, you got to go. This is your last chance to be a cloudchaser and wait for others to say you stole the show.

We bet these artists and their music will bring you as much clarity and creativity as they do us! Enjoy!