Shortly after DesignerCon, we featured a SoCal artist named Joey Stupor. After chatting with him, perusing his booth, and finding ourselves instantly impressed by his craft, we knew his art needed to be shared by Dreamers & Doers. And now, we welcome him back for round two.

We are excited to bring you an in-depth interview with the guy who paints creatures, geometric designs, and even Adventure Time characters onto wood cookies. Not only is Joey innovative and talented, he’s quite inspiring as well. Moving beyond his creations, he gave us insight into his creative process, what music motivates his art, and which type of mineral doubles as his spirit animal.


[we asked Joey to fill in the blanks] My name is Joey, I am an artist. I am 100% dreamer and 100% doer. I would describe myself as a medium, and I am most inspired by nature.  I dream of pursuing what I love, and I will do that by creating art for the rest of my life.

Dreamers & Doers: On your website, you state that you are inspired by crystals, animals, and creatures. Which type of crystal, animal, and creature would you be?

Joey: I’m a fan of crystals and minerals; if I could choose one I would be opal because it is a window to a different world. I would say that this is similar to me because I view the world in a different light; when I look around, I am inspired by the simplest things: colors, light, textures, and the overall interaction of components within our world. As for nature and creature, I’m honestly not sure. I’m fascinated by so many different aspects of nature and the life within it.

DD: Do you remember the very first piece of art you were proud of?

J: There weren’t any specific moments. It’s more so when I reflect on older pieces and realized how much my style has transformed. This excites me for future progression.

DD: What is your creative process?

J: I’m constantly observing things. I try to carry a sketchbook with me as often as I can, so when I notice something or have an idea, I can doodle it down. Then, I try to sketch out my ideas until I arrive at something. That’s when I paint.

DD. Can you describe your work space?

J: At first, it wasn’t the most ideal location because it’s in a garage, but I’ve added to it and made it my own. Now, it’s my escape and I absolutely love it. I’ve filled my desk with what I call the “Shrine,” which is a scattering of crystals, seedpods, bottles, skulls, and other knick-knacks. It continues to grow.


DD: How did you come to fall in love with using wood cookies as your canvas?

J: I originally wanted to do it to create little monster vignettes.  I quickly fell for this canvas style because the wood itself is now part of the art to me. It adds to the character of the creatures themselves. The process of selecting the wood, cutting it, and sanding it down is exciting to me; each time I cut into the wood, it’s like opening a geode.

DD: What’s your most favorite tool to create with?

J: Paintbrush. It’s more than just putting a paint to canvas. There are a lot of dynamics I have to consider, such as the pressure I apply, the twist of my fingertips. It’s all minuscule little things that make an enormous difference. It’s makes the creative process even more enjoyable.

DD: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

J: “Don’t compare yourself to others.” It’s important to develop your own style, instead of focusing on the world of other artists. I look up to other artists and am inspired by their work, but if I were to constantly compare myself to them, I wouldn’t recognize my own successes.

DD: Which artists inspire you most?

J: That is a really hard question because there are quite a few. My Instagram feed is filled with fellow artists, well-known or not.

DD: What inspired you to create these creatures with geometric shapes in them? 

J: My signature is a red triangle, a yellow circle, and a blue square. I guess if I were to explain why I gravitate towards these I’d say that they serve as a foundation.

DD: Do you listen to music when you create your art?

J: Absolutely. All I do is listen to music. I’m constantly finding new music. My taste various from faster, “Psychedelic Surf Rock on speed” bands, like Thee Oh Sees, to mellow, transient artists like Beach House. It just depends on how I feel each morning, when I paint. Though, more recently, I’ve been trying to watch movies, too.