We are PROUD music junkies! There, we said it, collectively. Quite recently, during a team meeting, the idea was introduced to feature more of our favorite musical obsessions—the idea quickly blossomed into a total no-brainer. In the end, we decided to dedicate this whole month to an art form that’s prevalent in our daily lives, whether it’s simply in the background while we type ferociously at or desks, or blatantly front and center at a live show as we dance the night away. So…welcome to Music March!

Music serves as an outlet, an inspiration, and a soundtrack to pivotal chapters in our lives. The emotional or carefree qualities of music can help us all get through our lows as well as celebrate our highs. In this capacity there has always been something truly universal about the language of music—how hearing a song can transport you back to a singular moment or defining year in your life.

This month, we will be conducting interviews with artists we look up to, we will attend and review local shows that will undoubtedly knock our socks off, and we will be sharing a personalized playlist, carefully curated by all of us at Dreamers & Doers!

We hope you will join us in this month’s hashtag project by showing off all of the ways you music—yes, “music” as a verb! Don’t be afraid to get creative when you share those epic memories from your favorite festivals, dance parties, sing-a-longs, or even a moment of you rocking out solo with your headphones on at the gym. We live for that stuff! Don’t forget to use #WeDreamWeDoMusic when you post your pictures or videos. We’ll be on the lookout!